How to Choose the Right Tool for your Job

Don't use a screw driver to get a nail into the wall.

Don't use a monkey wrench to hammer a nail.

Bottom line - always make sure you are using the right tool for the right job.

Here is a list of 4 things to look out for to make sure you chose the right tool.

1. Application-based performance

Assess the application. What does the job involve? What materials are you working with? How long will the job take you? 

If you are working overhead, you instantly know not to pick a heavy tool. If you are working will heavy-duty materials you know you will need a more powerful tool rather than a less powerful one.

2. On-site Productivity

Getting the right tool will increase productivity. Using a 12Volt tool for a project that needs an 18Volt tool won't be very productive as you will constantly waste time charging it. 

3. Safety Features

It's very important to consider health and safety when selecting the right tool for your job.

4. Tool Versatility

The versatility of a tool may be a key factor you look out for. A versatile tool will save on time and money  and will mean you have less tools to carry about!