Importance of Taking Care of your Tools

The simple reason why you should take care of your tools - they last longer.

The better a tool is cared for the longer they'll last and ultimately this will save you more money.

There are simple ways to take care of your tools:

1. Clean them - regular cleaning after use and keeping them free of dust, grease, debris and other types of dirt will allow them to stay looking nice and will allow you to inspect them for any damage or defects.

2. Store tools properly - having a proper storage place for your tools is an essential. This keeps your tools protected and in peak condition. Ideally, store them in a place with minimal exposure to moisture and temperature.

3. Lubricate moving parts - this creates premium performance for your tools. The lubrications keeps the mechanics running smoothly and also reduces the risk of rust developing.

4. Keep batteries in shape - batteries work at peak level by fully charging and discharging them every couple of weeks. Try and avoid letting the batteries sit unused for extended periods of time and try and use them every two weeks. You can keep them clean using cotton swabs and alcohol and also store them in a place that is dry and clean and away from excessive heat.