M12 vs M18 - Which One to Choose?

The first difference between M18 and M12 tools is the battery size. M12 use 12v batteries and M18 use 18v.

You will find M12 tools are better suited for projects that use tools but don't need ones with much voltage. 

M18 tools are best used for heavy duty jobs that require more power. The tools themselves are larger and slightly more heavier than its M12 counterpart.

When choosing between M12 and M18, consider these factors:

1. Power - Does your project need all the torque of 18 volts? Is your job high-stress or heavy-duty?

2. Weight - Since M12 tools are more lightweight, they have more advantages. For jobs in small spaces or working overhead, M12 may be easier for you to use.

3. Size - M12 tools are smaller so are better if you have limited space in your toolbox

4. Charge time - M12 batteries charge faster than M18 

5. Runtime - M18 batteries run longer than M12