ONE-KEY™ lets you manage your assets from your computer, tablet or smartphone. On the jobsite, in the office - access your inventory, wherever you go.

Inventory Dashboard

The inventory dashboard helps you draw quick insight. Smart filters display essential information and a stream of recent transfers across your jobs, bringing you up to speed whenever you launch the app.

Item Detail

Seamlessly manage details. With One-Key, you can increase accountability across jobs by seeing if an item is available and where it's assigned. One-Key helps drive consistency by automatically updating like-items when you make edits.

Tool History

Build a digital breadcrumb trail with accessible history of when, where and how your tools have been used. Harness this information to make better judgments about their continued use, or retrace your steps to find missing items.

Service Reminders

We've simplified maintenance. Set service reminders on your equipment, and One-Key will let you know when your attention is needed. Automatic alerts ensure your tools are working at full capacity and their long-term integrity is maintained.